Wedding Photographer in Chicago


      The experience of a professional photographer is added value to your wedding. A wedding is an event that doesn’t repeat itself. A professional Chicago wedding photographer works all day under pressure, adjusting tens of parameters as the day moves on, always to provide quality and consistency. All of this while coordinating with the timing of other vendors and always communicating in the first person with the client. Some weddings take place in ideal situations, such as a bright overcast day or an outdoor summer ceremony and reception. But most likely they will not, not in the midwest. Especially in Chicago, where most of your wedding will happen indoor, and flash photography knowledge is essential together with a strong sense of logistic.


      In the end, you must like what you see. The approach, the vision, the editing. On this website and on my blog I gathered as many information as possible so that you can get acquainted with my work and judge for yourself. It is a collection that begins in 1999, when I started shooting street photography, until the most recent engagement and wedding. I made a point to show weddings in their entirety: when the weather is good and when it is horrible when the light is too harsh and when it is too dim. I didn’t want to reduce a wedding day blog post to a collection of hero sunset portraits.

      But most of all I wanted you to be able to judge my work across a multitude of couples that I was lucky to work with. I look for consistency in style but I always like to photograph couples as they are, putting them at ease with a natural flair, avoiding cliches.


      Sometimes I get referrals through weddings I shot many years ago and couples are surprised I still remember dates, names, and details. By hiring me you will build a more personal relationship with the person who is encharged to photograph your wedding. In fact, there won’t be intermediaries between you and me. You will receive my personal phone and email and I will work with you to help with logistic and planning. We will make team and I will be an asset to your wedding day. My service does not start at 1 pm and ends at 9 pm when everybody is dancing. It starts several months before and it will continue for at least two months after the wedding. I will not outsource the editing of your pictures to remote third parties for cheap. Your pictures will never leave my computer and I will edit them one by one.

      If you believe in the value of your photography investment, I would love to talk to you and see if we are a right fit. Click here to contact me today.