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      Wouldn’t be awesome if we could go back in time? Even for a short moment? And remember how we were used to feel? Years ago, standing on the beach, I thought it would be beautiful to put that moment in a jar: the colors, the rolling monsoon and the rain crashing over the emerald water, the smell of the fire and the voice of the fishermen. I take pictures for many reasons and because we forget. An engagement session is not only a great opportunity to get to know each other. It is an opportunity to create time for you only. During the wedding day, things will move pretty quick and there will be some time constraints. You will be spending months and months preparing your wedding day and taking care of your guests: meals, drinks, lodging and logistic to make sure they will have a great time. Now slow down the clock and treat yourself to a portrait session. Just for the two of you. As you are. In this magic moment of your relationship.


      Pick a location that is meaningful to you and that most likely you won’t be able to reach on your wedding day. Let’s take your session on time for your save the date or whenever you have time. Let’s take your pictures in the opposite season. And let’s take your pictures in the opposite environment. Have your pictures taken at sunrise. Or at sunset. Or on a snowy day. Downtown or in a forest preserve. Wear sandal, wear boots. Wear whatever you like and let’s roll together. I focus on catching on camera your personalities. And how you feel. And they way you connect and look for each other. I work hard to not repeat myself. Because every couple is different and it is this difference that makes me love my work so much.

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