About me
      Writing with a camera

      Growing up

      I was born in Florence and raised in Rome, Italy. In my twenties, I got the travel bug and I decided to learn to use a reflex camera to document my journeys. My interests evolved from philosophy to history, from there to journalism and screenwriting until I settled on photojournalism. After several trips to Latin America, I fell in love with South East Asia and I spent the best part of six years exploring this amazing region of the world. Year after year, immediately after the monsoon season, I would fill my backpack with dozens of films and take off.

      Photography became my way to enter into a relationship with exotic cultures and a recent history that I barely knew through the books. I quickly realized that all I knew or had learned was pretty much false. This drove my curiosity even more to meet people, to listen to them, to look at them through my camera and to give as much of an honest portrait I could.

      About me

      Moving to Chicago

      It was by the end of this period that I met the girl that would later become my wife. We traveled together and debated multiple times where we should live. We contemplated several options: Thailand, Italy or simply nowhere and everywhere. Then we broke up and got back together. Later we decided to start a family in Chicago, where she is originally from. And in the last ten years, we were blessed with three kids.

      Since I relocated, I switched my interest to documenting weddings and lifestyle photography. I brought my experience and background in the composition and concept of the images, which I believe still sets me apart from the wedding scene. If you like my work and you are looking for a Chicago wedding photojournalist I want to hear from you.


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