Watching the gathering storm getting closer.Chicago maternity pictures | Maternity photography

      There is something magical about maternity. As a father of three, I cannot stop wondering and be overwhelmed at the idea of a new life growing and coming to be. We planned this maternity photo shoot in a indoor and outdoor session. The unpredictable weather of Chicago surprised us with a sudden storm rolling in, pouring down and then… disappearing.

      Chicago maternity pictures | Maternity photography at Lincoln Park

      We took these maternity pictures at the Lily pool in Lincoln Park, in may. Seconds after this frame it started raining.

      Maternity pictures in the rain

      I always believe that rolling with the weather pays off and this set of pictures could have not been possible if Ornella would have not been adventurous.

      Chicago maternity pictures | Maternity photography Lily Pool

      Chicago maternity pictures | Maternity photography Caldwell Lily Pool


      I work to produce pictures that will embrace your personality and be unique. If you are curious to see more about my work, then check the Morton Arboretum maternity session I took in october.

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      The red dress in this maternity shoot was custom made by Sew Trendy.